Welcome to my new site where I am going to be doing posts on the little things that make you fit in when living in Italy. I have received so many messages and emails from people having trouble just with everyday survival that I thought I would put all my suggestions and tips in one place!

Judy-Amalfi Coast headshot

When I first arrived here in October of 1984, I had no idea that this would be home. I always try to fit in, but not speaking the language makes it hard to know how to do that.

So many faux-pas whenI first arrived, not that they still don’t happen, but little by little I have learned.

This will be a Italian 101 guide:

Ordering coffee and the right time and place.

Tips for making coffee using the classic Moka.

What time to eat and where.

Getting Gas.

Using your credit cards or debit cards in Italy.

What would you like to see? Let me know!


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