San Valentino

It is so crazy to see how commercial Italy has gotten since I moved here in 1984. Simple holidays have blown up to opportunities to spend money.

What started in Rome as a festival for fertility in pagan times was converted to the day for lover’s in Cristiantity.

art work by angela di blasi, Cuciarte in Palermo

I believe we should celebrate love more than just one day year. You don’t need chocolate or roses to make someone feel special.

Random acts of kindness.

It can be a daily practice.

In Italy, the phrase ” ti voglio bene” is taken more seriously than ti amo.

To really care for someone…. and want the best for them, saying that doesn’t simply roll off the tongue.

Please don’t forget about self love as well.

Do something nice for yourself and do it often.

Fill your life with love and spread it around. It is contagious!

this is a carved heart from a historical shop in Florence

Wear your heart on your sleeve!

just from my garden in February

Plant flowers.

Search out those with fragrance. This is an antique rose that fills my room with heady rose scent.

I can also use them to make lovely rose syrup or jelly.

Celebrate love daily! You’re life will be better for it.

Buon San Valentino!!!

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