Festa delle Donne- March 8

Today is all about celebrating women, you will see the lovely mimosa blossoms everywhere for sale or as gifts from shopkeepers. I have written about it on my blog.


This year Italy decided to have a transportation strike! Another wonderful thing about living here… these one day strikes, to screw things up!

Tonight many women get together for a ladies night out. Time to celebrate.

One of my favorite mimosa’s is not the flower, but rather a cake.

yellow sponge cake with cream filling, mimosa cake

It is a light sponge cake layered with “crema chantilly”. I baked two cakes and cut each in half to create layers. I used three layers for the cake. I soaked the layers with a simple syrup with limoncello it in, then used the cream as frosting between the layers and outside. You take the other layer and crumble it to create the “mimosa blossom” on the outside, pressing the crumbs to make the stick.

Not as pretty as what I can get at the pastry shops! But made with love!

Here's to the beautiful strong women may we know them may we love them may we be them

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