Father’s Day-San Giuseppe

Most of the world is in a frenzy celebrating Saint Patrick’s day, which in Italy is mostly expats and students hanging out in the Irish pubs. But we all wait for San Giuseppe as it is always celebrated with food! Surprise.

San Giuseppe ( Saint Joseph) is also Father’s day in Italy. Each region of Italy has a different pastry to celebrate with and they all seem to be fried.

Siena sets up a little cabin in the main piazza and makes rice fritters, for more than just Father’s day, a little of carnevale as well.

In Sicily I always try to organize a weeklong program in March, as the celebrations there take on extreme levels. Sicilians create altars, celebrating San Giuseppe and focus on the importance of feeding the poor. Being thankful for what we have on our tables.


The altar tables are simply amazing. Laden with all sorts of local specialties, but the bread sculptures are what really are works of art.

Everyone in town comes to view the altars and this particular town, Menfi, also has their San Giuseppe statue, which is then covered in the gold gifts from the church faithful, and paraded around town.


Sicily has stolen my heart and I hope you get a chance to experience it soon.

Here are some of my foto’s from our San Giuseppe tour.


Happy Father’s day!!! Eat something sweet!


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  1. Mariann Vandenberg says:

    Such WONDERFUL memories! Hope to repeat it some day. Love the format…


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